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Spades Card Game  v.1.0

Spades is a partnership trick-taking card game. Magic Blast Spades is a free PC Spades card game you can download, or play for free, online at

Collectible Card Game  v.1.0

Herobits Navigator collectible card game browser toolbar. This is a simple and convenient browser toolbar from Herobits collectible card game. Download our Herbotis Navigator toolbar for Firefox today. This software is free for you to

Card Game "1001"  v.1.0

A very nice card game I used to play with my mom and my sister, when I was a kid.

Wasp Solitaire Card Game  v.1.0

Wasp Solitaire is here to fly you away, folks! Much like it's related card game, Scorpion Solitaire, this solitaire card game stings you where it hurts. It's not nearly as bad as the afore mentioned, but it's definitely up there.

Free 500 Card Game for Windows  v.7.40

Discover this exciting blend of spades and euchre! Five Hundred is the national card game of Australia-- and a nation of people can't be wrong! Join the fun with Championship Five Hundred. Vivid graphics enhance game play across five skill levels.

Free Spades Card Game for Windows  v.7.40

Experience the excitement of the most popular partnership card game in the United States. Vivid graphics enhance game play across five skill levels. Whether you're an expert or a beginner, our endearing characters and exciting game variations will

304 card game  v.0.6.0

This is a card game called 304. 304 is very popular in Jaffna (Sri lanka)

A Wizard Card Game  v.1.1.rc3

This game is a card game which is known to me as "Wizard". It is similiar to the game "SKAT" but not that complex. So it should be easy for children but makes even fun if you're a fullgrown :) This game is a Internet game without any Computer

Alliance Card Game  v.64

Alliance is a little card game in which you have to erase every card from the game that is not in your

Duo, a Crazy Eight Card Game  v.1.0

Duo is a Crazy Eight card game (think Uno) written in Python, translated in many languages. PLEASE NOTE THAT DUO DEVELOPMENT NOW OCCURS ON LAUNCHPAD AND THIS PAGE ONLY EXISTS FOR HISTORY

G19 - Uno Card Game  v.101

An Uno card game for the G19 Logitech keyboard. SVN: SVN Browse:

JSol - J2ME Solitair Card Game Suite  v.1.0

JSol is a Solitair Card Game suite for J2ME/MIDP enabled mobile

Libre Card Game  v.2.7

Libre Card Game is a free, open source and liberally licensed strategic/trading/collectable card game. Included in the project is code to generate SVG and PNG card images from an XML description. Also includes over 250 cards for the Libre card

Rosanne : Twenty-eight(28) card game  v.32

Twenty-eight(28) card game, which is very popular in parts of South

The 21 Game (Java Card Game Engine)  v.1.0

This project is crossplatform solution for creating almost all card games like "Black Jack" or its Russian analog "21 ". Engine is written in Java. Also card game "Nine" is now

UNO - card game  v.rc.1.1

A multi-user text based (via telnet) server application for the card game

UNONET - the uno online card game  v.rc

unonet is program for playing uno card game online.this is written in C++ and has network can play against many players over internet and is completely

Collectible Card Game Engine  v.1.0

This project involved the construction of a collectible card game engine (similar to Magic: The Gathering). The game will be based on the TV show Alias, but no IP will be posted here. For image files (containing IP) please contact me directly.

Generic Collectible Card Game  v.1.0

Generic Collectible Card Game is a multiplayer multiplatform implementation of a card game engine. The card game engine is designed to be of general purpose core for several modules each defining the game specific behaviour.

Naruto Open Online Card Game  v.1.0

Naruto Open Online Card Game is 2 player card/board game based on free fan based Anachronism clone Naruto Ninja no Sentou. Written in PHP/MySql, web interface.

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